Do You Need Medication?

Do you find it hard to get up in the morning and go to bed at the same time everyday, with your day neatly divided into time slots? Do you take time away from your career to do useless things like art, blogging and political activism? Do you get banned from Facebook for posting art nudes? Are you in your 30s and not in a rush to get married while apparently in denial of your biological clock, because no one in their right mind could choose to be childless? Do you also sometimes stand up for yourself to your boss at the cost of your job, because you have no dependents and can afford to save your sense of self? Are you in fact the only brave fool to point out the naked emperor in a room full of willing subjects? Are you often amazed at the amount of naked emperors in high positions? Do you frequently disappoint your parents who just want you to be happy (while being married with children and gainfully employed)? Do you mistakenly believe you ARE happy?
You might be suffering from something called Non-conformist Behavioral Pattern. Sadly, there is no cure. But don’t worry – there are drugs for that! All that stubborn enthusiasm can be suppressed to a nice and easy drone.

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